Instagram Challenge Hen Party
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Instagram Challenge


  • 2 hours
  • Event management
  • Explore a city together
  • Fun competition that includes everyone
  • Leave with lots of funny photos!

Product Description

This is a hen party that revolves around having fun, being creative and photographing lots of memories! (Some challenges even test your knowledge of the bride – guaranteed some giggles at the end!)

You will meet your challenge master at the chosen location where you will be briefed and split into two teams. You will all have Instagram loaded on your phone and agree on hashtags that a) are not yet being used and b) distinguish between your teams (i.e. #Emmasinstachallenge1 and #Emmasinstachallenge2).

For 40 minutes, your separate teams must try to complete the first half of their challenge, using the captions as guidance of what to do. Every photo should be uploaded to Instagram using the team’s hashtag and our hashtag for us to find! The midway challenge is a photo of the whole hen party altogether with the bride so you’ll meet up at an arranged location!

The last 40 minutes will see the bride swap teams so everyone gets to spend time with her! Try to finish the challenge before time runs out and be sure to meet the challenge master on time so they can judge a winner! Since the winner gets a prize, you better be creative and pick up those bonus points!



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