Escape Room Hen Party

Escape Room Hen Party


  • 1 hour session

  • Private hire of escape room

  • Great bonding experience

  • Work together to escape before time runs out!

  • A unique, adrenaline inducing challenge!

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Product Description

This is a great hen party if you’re looking for a challenge and always bonds the group as it requires working together to escape the room! Inspired by the online game Takagism, expect to arrive into a room—Pharoah’s cursed tomb or Room 33, and the hour countdown will start to tick! Your group will have to use their intuition, various objects and clues found within the room to figure out the necessary puzzles in order to escape!


Pharaoh’s Chamber Cover; A Cursed Tomb

Play the role of the 100th tomb raider to make it through the 12 hell gates, to reach the cursed Pharaoh Khufu’s chamber located deep at the heart of the pyramid. You have to solve the mystery of the Pharaohs tomb and light the flame of the gods to escape the cursed chamber before you suffer the same fate as the 99 who came before you, whose place now resides next to the Pharaoh forever.


Room 33 – A mysterious Journey 

Play the role of a disgraced guard of KangXi, the great emperor and ruler of the Qing dynasty. You must time travel to the future to reclaim a stolen blue and white porcelain vase that disappeared one night during your watch over the emperor’s chambers. So, with the help of a mysterious person, you are led to a time machine to travel to the future. Here you must enter room 33 of the British museum and steal back the emperor’s mystical artefact and bring it back to your emperor before the time machine portal closes. In doing so reclaiming your honour and redeeming yourself in the eyes of your emperor.


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