If you’ve been entrusted by your best friend to organise a weekend full of unforgettable memories, you can leave the worry and stress of organisation behind because we’re here for you!

With a range of hen parties from life drawing to photo shoots, cocktail making to pole dancing, and even getaways of glamping and activity retreats, there is something for everyone!

Our ten years experience of organising thousands of hen parties across the UK and being there for our customers every step of the way, ensures the bride and fellow hens have the best day. By entrusting us with your hen party, you have more time to make memories!

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Affordable £50* deposit
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Testimonials – What are our customers saying about us?

  • Amazing, fun, motivating, enthusiastic, fab teacher! (Belly Dancing).

    Racheda Waddington
  • We booked chocolate making at The Jam Factory – the venue was great, in fact we also had brunch there beforehand. The class went really well and we all had fun. Your staff were very courteous and efficient in organising the event.
    I would recommend to a friend.
    I would perhaps have liked more information on the event and the venue emailed to me so I felt more confident about what the event would have been like beforehand.
    Thank you for organising this!

    Charlotte Johns
  • Excellent delivery and a pleasant friendly instructor. Great day for an 80’s Hen Party!

    Hannah Thorley
  • Amazing dance instructor! Really positive and super friendly and fun! Loved the burlesque routine!

    Megan Phillips
  • We got a delicious chocolate hen party class in Liverpool. It was really fabulous and we had lots of great times! I wasn’t that sure what to expect from this party but our host Johnny made the whole experience very great and lots of fun.  I would really recommend Polestars.

    Diana R
  • I can honestly say this was one of the most fun life drawing class I have ever been on. The life drawing model was an absolute joy and pleasure to work with and the teacher made the class fun and interactive. Definitely would recommend this to anyone

    Anna W.
    loyal client
  • Apart from not being able to bring alcohol in to the studio, everything went well and plus we have some great pictures to remember the whole experience. The photographer and makeup girls did a great job in making us feel comfortable and settle in.

    Vicky Turner
    happy client


See previous customers’ photos from their fabulous hen parties!

  • 50 shades of grey hen party

    Dominatrix hen party

  • Chocolate Making

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